Ken Zen Ichi Peaceful Warriors
Mind, Body & Soul




Vassar College, Walker Athletic Center

Class Schedule

Children's classes:

White belts:  Thu, 6-7 pm and Sat, 11-12 noon

Yellow, Green, Brown belts:  Tue/Fri, 6-7 pm
Green Belts, Wed. 6:00pm

Adult classes:

Mon/Thu, 7-8 pm

Black Belt classes: 

Sun, 10-12 noon  (this class is open to under belts by invitation only)


Karate Meanings


Karate-do  The way of the empty-hand


Wado-Ryu  The way of Harmony


Ken Zen Ichi  The mind, body and soul of a warrior are one


Master  An instructor who has reached the highest levels of achievement in a martial art system


Soke  The founder of a Karate system


Kyoshi  A master teacher of a Karate system


Shihan  The keeper of the school of a Karate system


Sensei  An instructor or teacher of a Karate system


Karate-ka  The student of a Karate system


Dojo  The school or place of training of a Karate system


Gi  Karate uniform


Bow  To show respect for the art of Karate and the place of training


Technique  Punches, strikes, kicks, blocks and stances


Kiai  Verbal sound used to produce the flow of energy from within (using exhalation of breath)


Kata  A series of predetermined techniques simulating fighting multiple opponents

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